Michelle Merritt

Managing Partner

Business Coach, Writer, Advocate, and Speaker Michelle Merritt is the Managing Partner of Merrfeld Career Management. Her previous roles as a Fortune 500 Recruiter, Corporate Culture Executive, Training Manager, and Chamber of Commerce Vice President led her to create Merrfeld Career Management to serve in a way that encourages, promotes, and enables people to be their very best. Her Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Positivity, Communication, Connectedness, Arranger, Relator

Jason Mutzfeld


Jason Mutzfeld is the Co-Founder and Chief Career Coach at Merrfeld. Building on a long career in education and technology training, Jason believes that finding the truth inside each person will foster the courage and passion that drives growth. He has a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology from Purdue University as well as training from The Second City and Disney Institute. His Top 5 CliftonStrenghts are Ideation, Strategic, Input, Empathy, and Adaptability.

Kris Rajchel

Chief Editor

Kris Rajchel is Merrfeld's Chief Editor. Her strong communications background makes her a key player on the team. Her straightforward and diplomatic leadership style builds long-lasting partnerships and mutually beneficial collaborations.

Susie Wayne

Administrative Project Manager

Susie Wayne is Merrfeld's Administrative Project Manager. Her previous entrepreneurial experience combined with her keen ability to herd cats helps he keep the Merrfeld team on track!

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