Our Annual Thanksgiving Video Tradition

November 28th 2013 in Uncategorized

Every year The Sonish spends Thanksgiving with The Hubs & me. Our honeymoon was a family trip to the Macys Parade where we shot a video for the families we missed that day and the tradition was born. This year we’re in Chicago enjoying the parade & had to keep up the tradition. This tradition is something I’m so thankful for. While it doesn’t define our happiness, it certainly describes it well. So from the Merritt-Mutzfeld (Merrfeld) family to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

[wpvideo wpylLVol]
2013 Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

[wpvideo fFt0ad3t]
2012 Fort Wayne Night of Lights

[wpvideo NgKaNndI]
2011 Macy’s Parade

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